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👋 Hi! I am Gábor,

a multidisciplinary designer, driven by curiosity to understand and
utilise the connection between technology, society and creative work.
I am always eager to hear about new projects as well as acquisition and developments, new technologies and innovations that are facing
and shaping society, industry, environment or the way we do politics.
You will find a small selection of my work on this page
and many ways to reach out to me.

If you like you can read more
about me or jump right to my projects.


Since an early age, I was driven by curiosity to understand and utilise the connection between technology and creative work. This not only led to being the guy in school who was responsible for cutting movies, creating magazine layouts or assisting in IT classes, but also to a never-ending exploration of new combinations of tools and crafts.

Professionally, my entry to the creative industry started as a musician. It allowed me to work with great clients and to travel to places like China or the US. This responsibility of managing my own projects, representing the company abroad combined with the experience of aligning creative craftsmanship with client requirements have built the basis of my career. After doing this for two years, I wanted to extend my horizon and skillset, which brought me to the design world.

I started to study Communication Design in Munich which covered different fields of visual design and art direction. I applied and deepened this knowledge in a Graphic Design internship at Serviceplan. There, I had the chance to gain experience in a big company environment by assisting in daily business requirements as well as being part of ideation and campaign creation processes. My next step brought me to work as an Art Director in the same company I was doing music for.

I was responsible for all visual assets. But my focus was on two main projects which included creating a documentary book with an accompanying movie and the management and marketing of a multi-artist world tour with stops in Berlin, London, Paris and New York. This was especially great as I had to understand these cities cultural habits.

After this experience, I left the entertainment industry as I wanted to focus more on innovation and technology-driven design. I decided to do a master in Design for Emergent Futures in Barcelona which included research related to futures scenarios and resulted in a creative process taking the social and environmental impact of design into account. Additionally, the Fab Academy, which covered digital fabrication and rapid prototyping, was part of the experience. These skills come in very handy if you want to design your own physical objects.

My most recent chapter brought me to Free Now, where I had the chance to dive into User Experience Research which helped me to understand how to validate our work from the user point of view, how people interact with design and how to translate insights into design actions. I am always eager to hear about new projects and opportunities for collaboration as well as acquisition and developments, new technologies and innovations that are facing and shaping society, industry, environment or the way we do politics.

Reach out if you have anything in mind you want to discuss or if you want to know me better. Cheers!

  • Phone Farm(ing)

    Product // Prototyping // UX & UI
    // Digital Fabrication // Innovation

    Phone Farm(ing) is an intervention on our excessive smartphone usage. The idea is to utilise idle sensor data and processor capacity of our phones while reducing their negative effect on social interaction. A network of farm-stations will provide safe storage and charging for phones whilst harvesting sensor data and processing power. These sources work towards an open-source cloud database and computing network. Stations will be placed in social spaces like clubs, bars and restaurants.
    This project was my master thesis. If you like, you find more material about it on the project page.

  • Longing for Freedom documentary

    Production // Editing // Art Direction // Promoting

    “Longing for Freedom“ is the name of a project that commemorates the 60th anniversary of the popular uprising in 1956 in Hungary. In a documentary film and book, not only the background of the struggle for freedom against the communist dictatorship are explained, but it is also described together with historians, contemporary witnesses and important protagonists of our society, the historical context of European history from then until now.

    The participants are Guido Knopp, Hubert Burda, Mikhail Gorbachev, Gregor Gysi, Edmund Stoiber, Sigmar Gabriel, Kai Dieckmann and many more.

  • Macbook Image
  • Macbook Image
  • Wings of Freedom World Tour

    Project Management // Marketing // Art Director

    Wings of Freedom was a world tour in a class of its own. In Paris, London, Berlin and New York City, the Man Doki Soulmates played unique concerts in honour of freedom.
    With a total of 35 Grammys, the who-is-who of rock and jazz stood on stage to perform their own and shared songs of the last 25 years. A breathtaking show in sold-out halls.

    My tasks within this project were the organization and coordination of the concerts, communication between all trades, art direction of marketing campaigns, promotion, sponsoring, social media, development of the campaign for the new markets Paris, London and New York City.

  • Musicroom

    UI // Prototype // Photography

    Musicroom offers a new path off the beaten track to discover and enjoy music on a whole new level. Enter the rooms and experience what it means to enjoy music. You will find tracklists compiled by curators perfectly fitting to every room, backgrounds and history to the artists and their songs and a place to philosophize about songs and albums with your friends.
    Musicroom is an app concept as part of my thesis. My goal was to connect our most essential aspects from the past to the digital era of music today. Visual impressions shared listening and discovery.

    The main focus of this work was photography, interface design and prototyping.



This is a selection of dramatic music pieces I have created over the last couple of years.
Additional tunes, like my DJ sets are listed on Soundcloud and YouTube.



I love to travel. During these journeys, I discovered my passion for photography.
You can check out my work in the gallery.